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Events for Carers

  Carers' Relaxation Days 

Clinic dates 2024

Friday April 19th, Moreton Village Hall

Tuesday 7th May, Stoborough Village Hall

Monday 10th June, Moreton Village Hall

Thursday 11th July, Furzebrook Village Hall

Thursday 5th September, Furzebrook VH

Friday 11th October, Moreton Village Hall

Tuesday 5th November, Harmans Cross VH

Monday 25th November, Moreton Village Hall


Corfe Castle Village Hall          Storobough Vilage Hall

East St                                     West Lane 

Corfe Castle                             Stoborough

BH20 5EE                                BH20 5AD



  Furzebrook Village Hall           Harmans Cross Village Hall

  Furzebrook Road                    Haycrafts Lane

  Furzebrook                              Harmans Cross

  Wareham, BH20 5AR              Swanage, BH19 3EB     




Moreton Village Hall

East Moreton




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